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Estudios de Vibiabilidad
Perforación de Pozos de agua
Mantenimieto de rehabilitación
Análisis de Agua
Sistemas de Bombeo
Asesoría Especializada

Studies on Viability

POWER ENERGY SERVICES & CONSULTING SOLUTION SAS has a variety of geophysical systems for detecting and characterizing aquifers, as well as high-resolution imaging equipment that examines all soil layers at various depths. The most recent generation of technology enables extremely precise water detection. In addition to specifying the type of water desired (fresh, natural, or salty). As a result, not only the presence of water detected, but also information about its type is provided. Furthermore, the most advanced techniques in the world are used to quantify underground water resources.

Water well drilling

In comparison to the high costs involved in the construction of artificial surface reservoirs, drilling water wells is relatively inexpensive and can be phased over time to meet the needs of human consumption, agriculture, livestock, industry, and mining, among others.


The environmental impact of drilling water wells is minimal, and even less so if compressed air pneumatic hammers are used.


Many deep aquifers have significant potential, allowing the necessary consumption volumes of this renewable resource to be met over long periods of time and over many years.


Not all wells are the same. The best type of well to drill should be determined by the type of soil and depth to groundwater.


Wells can often be drilled without the use of drilling mud, reducing drilling time and the cost of site cleanup.

Water Well Rehabilitation and Maintenance

With an integrated service of rehabilitation, maintenance, cleaning, and stimulation, we significantly improve the production capacity and useful life of existing wells.

Water analysis

Specific service for new or existing water treatment systems.


Water testing to help determine the levels of various minerals that may be present in the water.


System design and installation that reduces contaminants to acceptable levels.

Pumping Systems

We design and install the most suitable pumping system for your needs.


Installation of a new pumping system, or replacement of the existing pumping system.


We implement photovoltaic solar energy, as well as provide solutions to water shortages or low pressure.


We service all types of pumps.

Specialized advice

With the crisis of fossil fuels and their environmental impact, we offer the design and implementation of hybrid Non-Conventional Renewable Energy systems, such as subsurface aquifer and photovoltaic solar energy in pumping water for urban, rural, industrial, and agricultural use, among others. In addition, by harnessing the earth's natural geothermal energy, geothermal wells can save money, energy, and the environment.


POWER ENERGY SERVICES & CONSULTING SOLUTIONS SAS is focused on wells and high field performance. We have a history of success, customized solutions, and a wide range of experience that can certainly help you if you are looking for opportunities to make your project more profitable, trouble-free, or with increased capacity and quality.


We provide advice and services from highly experienced personnel in both renewable and non-renewable energy.


We specialize in field engineering and performance solutions.


Our expert staff has over 150 years of combined experience and is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable in well services.

Advanced Technology

The drilling and workover rig is a patent-protected, one-of-a-kind system that includes a rotatory impulsion head and a rotatory disc mechanism, hydraulic motors, and a propulsión with a hydraulic rack for deep hole drilling. Drilling technology with direct mud circulation and DTH pneumatic hammers using compressed air to penetrate various soils and formations such as soft layers, sandy, gravel, hard rock stratification, and applications requiring drilling in large diameter hole sections are all possible with this rig system.


The guide rail has its own rolling system, which reduces sliding resistance, friction, and improves the service life of the extension guide.


The rotary drive head uses a splitting mechanism, which simplifies downhole pipe handling during drilling.


Two hydraulic speeds are used for rotary speed regulation as well as pulling or running the pipe, resulting in a more suited environment to the specific needs of the job at each location.


The hydraulic system is equipped with independent air cooling for the hydraulic oil and can optionally be equipped with water cooling to ensure that the hydraulic system operates continuously and efficiently in high-temperature conditions in various parts of the world.


The hoist system can efficiently hoist downhole components and drilling tools.


Drilling with compressed air and a DTH pneumatic hammer, using percussion and rotational drilling technology, is very easy with this drilling rig.


Stationary, trailer-mounted, diesel-powered, stationary screw compression system for drilling shallow and deep holes.


Compressed air and pneumatic hammer hole drilling technology has the ability to handle difficult subsurface conditions such as lost circulation zones and hard formations without the use of drilling mud. This minimizes drilling time, site cleanup cost and therefore environmental impact and damage to formations or aquifers.


The components to perform drilling, maintenance and stimulation of shallow and deep wells demand the use of high performance bits, tubing and tools that facilitate efficient and environmentally friendly drilling for multiple applications.

Integrated Drilling System

Multi-functional, lightweight and highly efficient rig which is widely used for drilling water wells, monitoring wells and constructing large diameter holes for civil construction among other applications.


The combination of the pipe lifting and hydraulic drill wrench makes pipe threading and unthreading safe, convenient, quick, and labor-saving, increasing work efficiency.


The drilling rig has its own lifting and leveling system, and it can assemble and disassemble the drill pipe efficiently and with only two people, thanks to the hydraulic winch system, which improves work efficiency and reduces labor force requirements.


The four reinforced hydraulic jacks become automatic loading system, to ensure easy rotation and save hoisting cost.

Customized Solutions

Locate and characterize aquifers efficiently in order to extract water in the shortest amount of time, at the lowest cost, and with the least amount of effort.


Prevent the flow of fine sediments that can harm the water reservoir's permeability.


To mitigate the chemical attack of water on a well's metal casing, by the use of high schedule PVC.


Deliver the well using submersible water pumping.


Solar PV water pumping is a popular application in off-grid systems. This technology has proven to be an effective method of supplying potable water to rural users and communities, as well as agricultural (irrigation), livestock (watering troughs), mining, and industrial applications over the years.


Pumping tests can be performed in discrete zones at any depth during the drilling process to collect groundwater samples to assess the quality of the aquifer that may be present at a specific location.


We provide the ability to find the best energy alternatives for any application using an intelligent approach.

Rental of Equipment

Electric generators ranging from 5 KVA to 800 KVA, primary air compression systems ranging from 175 SCFM to 1350 SCFM, and compressed air receiver tanks.

Other Products and Services

Specialized technical advice for the implementation of solar photovoltaic and geothermal energy projects.


Drilling of conductor holes and surface hole sections in wells for the oil and gas industry.


Complete consulting services with customized solutions.


High-tech, modular, highly technical, semi-automated and reliable equipment for different applications.


Integrated and easy to operate system designed to facilitate a quick mobilization, an efficient and agile installation and to make an effective delivery of the service with real added value for the end-client.


We always work with customized solutions to keep the environment as green as the green in the pocket.

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