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10 Critical Water Scarcity Facts We Must Not Ignore

Water scarcity is real. To ignore it, or to assume that it is only a problem of the developing world is to be blind to the errors our egos have caused. We in the Western world waste more water in a day than some families around the world would see in months. Much of what we use water for is to sustain a lifestyle that we largely take for granted.

Originally published by World Water Reserve

1) By 2025, Half of the World’s Population will be Living in Water-Stressed Areas. 2) The World’s Population will Raise to 9.7 Billion by 2050, Leaving Much in Water-Stressed Conditions. 3) Three in Ten People on Earth Currently do not Have Access to Safe and Clean Water. 4) One in Three People Worldwide do not Have Access to a Toilet. 5) 1.6 Million People Die Every Year From Waterborne Diseases. 6) Water Privatization Causes More Harm than Good to the Region which the Water is Taken From. 7) In the US, 2.1 Trillion Gallons of Clean Water is Lost Each Year Due to Poor Infrastructure. 8) People Walk Many Miles Every Day Just to Fetch Water that is Likely Contaminated. 9) One-Third of the World’s Largest Aquifers are Water-Stressed. 10) Meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for the Water Crisis will Cost USD$114 Billion per year.

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